Learn how to detect and repair electrical faults safely, with these tips from our professional electricians. The most important thing always in the face of any domestic problem is to guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones. That is why today we share with you some advice.

Advice #1: If you don’t know, don’t touch

Golden Rule. Speaking of electricity, the risk of something going wrong and personal and material damage occurring is big. That is why it is critical to have an experienced electrician to help you leave everything impeccable for a long time.

Advice #2: Determine if the problem is internal or external

There is no electricity? From time to time, power outages come from outside the house, and it can make you think that something is wrong only with yours. First, check if it is so (you can call your electric company or ask your neighbors).

If it is an external problem, never try to solve it by yourself. It is the responsibility of the electric company to carry out any type of repair in public spaces, in addition to a potentially much greater risk for you to handle this type of material with more power.

Advice #3: Make sure you disconnect everything!

Before operating, please make sure you have disconnected the electricity from the house!
Go to the electrical panel (usually at the entrance of the house) and lower the general switch. This will ensure that you do not get a shock when operating any cable. When you have finished, remember to raise the general switch again and check if, when connecting the repaired parts, no problem occurs.

Advice #4: Solve recurring problems before they become serious

Sometimes frequent breakdowns appear at certain points in our house and, no matter how much yo try to repair them, they present the same issues after a while. This indicates a major problem in the electrical installation. And if every time it happens, you try to fix it the “easy DIY way”, over time you will find that this failure has become more complicated, increasing the chances of generating a major short circuit, network overloads, and even fires.

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