Got Electric Tips Page

We want you to be best equipped for any electrical situation that may arise.

Here are some tips for your use while caring for your home.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

Always ask your service person for proof of their insurance PRIOR to their beginning work on your home. Also, a Journeyman’s license should be mandatory (required) for any electrician working in your home. Do not let your handyman do electrical work. They keep us busy!

Check the Ground Fault Interupter (GFCI)

If your outside receptacle stops working, check for a GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupter). The GFCI will likely be next to the electrical panel; it will be IN your house.

Follow Wattage Requirements

Wattage requirements of a light fixture should be followed. If the fixture is rated for 60 watts, don’t use a bulb with more than 60 watts.

Get your electrical panel serviced

Your home’s electric panel should be serviced by an electrician once every 2 years. You should be checking the panel for water marks and rust — both indicate moisture penetration. In addition, keep a three foot space surrounding the panel clear of items.

Save on your electric bill

Ask us how we can save you on your electric bill.