Ballast and Bulb Replacement Services

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What is Ballast and
Bulb Replacement?

If you have fluorescent light bulbs at your home or business that are starting to flicker or hum, then you probably need help with your ballast and not necessarily with the bulb.

Ballasts are rectangular devices installed inside fluorescent light fixtures. Fluorescent light bulbs contain a gas that glows when electricity is applied.

Ballast, which usually lasts between 40,000 and 100,000 hours, helps regulate the amount of electrical current or power that flows through the tube. This mechanism helps the fluorescent tube from getting too much electricity and, as a result, being damaged.

Although ballasts are very reliable and can last many years, fluorescent lights need ballast replacement every once in a while since factors like usage and humidity might affect the ballast performance.

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If your fluorescent lights are starting to make buzzing sounds when lights are on, have a black substance dripping into the light cover, and flicker or change color, then you probably need a ballast lighting replacement.

Changing a ballast light might sound like a simple and easy task, however, it involves manipulating wires, stripping the insulation, and rewiring the new ballast. At the same time, the person in charge of changing a ballast must be doing all of the above while working on a ladder and testing the voltage to avoid shock.

This is why you need help from an experienced and agile electrician that will guarantee the ballast is correctly installed to prevent damage to the fixture.

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