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What Are Surge
Protection Services?

A power surge is a voltage spike. As the name says, a power surge or spike are surges of electrical power that are higher than the designated voltage in a flow of electricity.

In normal household and office wiring in the United States, the standard voltage is 120 volts. A voltage higher than this can cause problems such as damage to electronic devices or even electrical fires.

Surge protection is the easiest and one of the most reliable ways to help reduce the risk of a power surge that will, as a result, damage your electronic devices and appliances.

The surge protection will stop the surge before it enters your home by installing a surge protection device that is hard-wired directly into the power supply circuit of the loads that it has to protect. This has to be done by a skilled electrician that has experience manipulating surge protection devices and performing other electrical processes.

What Can Cause A Surge?

Factors such as electrical storms, worn wiring, wiring in poor conditions, and overloaded outlets or circuits can all cause a surge.

In order to avoid having a power surge that could damage your devices or put your house and your loved ones at risk, it is critical that you hire trusted electricians like the ones at Got Electric LLC. Our team will make sure everything at your home or property is working just fine by installing the best surge protection device in a timely manner and with all of the safety parameters required.

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