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Our electricians are fully licensed by state and local jurisdictions, assuring you that your electrical project will be installed to exact industry and code standards.

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Power outages are usually unexpected and out of our control; a generator is the safest, most reliable backup for this situation. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.
Got Electric offers generator service and maintenance contracts. It is essential to service your home generator. Performing service and testing will ensure generator availability upon demand-possibilities of generator failure increase when service and maintenance checks are not fulfilled.

Got Electric Offers Generator Service And
Maintenance Contracts for Kohler, Briggs
& Stratton, Honeywell, Generac, and Other Brands

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Stationary Generators

Stationary Generators

Although portable units are a great option with many advantages, they are not suitable for addressing very high power requirements for very long periods of time. For instance, appliances, emergency medical equipment, security systems, and heating and cooling systems require continuous power. Any loss of power becomes a critical emergency where stationary generators become the best tool to help in these scenarios.

Portable Generators

Portable Generators

Portable units do not require permanent installation. These can work for a maximum of 12 hours, and provide a power output of 500W to 17.5kW. Different models of portable units can be fueled using one or more specific energy sources like gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, propane, or natural gas and will shut themselves off when the power returns.

Home Generators Services

How Can the Team of Electricians at Got Electric LLC Help With Home Generators Services?

Our range of services for generators include generator installations and service contracts. Hiring a team of experts like the ones at Got Electric is critical to help you install your generator system in a professional, cost effective way and with all the safety measures.

Hiring a team of experienced electricians will also help you avoid serious problems such as back feeding, fires, and other safety issues like carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our team of licensed electricians in Maryland, the DC Metro Area, and Virginia will handle every step from finding a generator that fits your needs and your budget, to wiring and making sure everything is working perfectly. At Got Electric LLC we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service by answering any questions that may arise and explaining every step of the process and its cost before any of the work begins.

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At Got Electric LLC we guarantee fast and efficient results. Call our team of trusted electricians today to know more about our electrical and generator installation services.

If you’re looking for a portable or whole-home generator system in Maryland, the DC Metro Area, and Virginia, then you need to hire our team of experienced electricians.

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