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GFCI Outlet Services

If you need help with your GFCI outlet services in Maryland, the DC Metro Area, and Virginia, contact Got Electric LLC at (301) 515-8676.

Our team of qualified electricians offers a wide variety of electrical services to handle any and all electrical needs; from electrical maintenance and troubleshooting, to home theater installation and electrical systems design.

We take great pride in our results, our people and our clients. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our services and our client reviews. Our highly-skilled team can help you and your property with any electrical need.

What Is A GFCI Outlet and Why Are They Important?

GFCI outlets were created to protect people by reducing and preventing electric shocks and electrocution. According to The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets have saved thousands of lives and have helped cut the number of home electrocutions in half, since the 1970s. If GFCI Protection was not required, there would be an estimated 603% increase in electrocutions and 1,118% increase in consumer product electrocutions.

When an electrical current takes an unintended path, for instance through water or a person, ground faults occur and can cause a shock or electrocution. GFCI outlets help

GFCI outlets monitor and interrupt the electricity flow of the circuit whenever there is a fault, protecting you and your loved ones from serious injury or death.

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Why Should I Hire Got Electric LLC for My GFCI Outlet Services?

In the electrical codes, GFCI protection is required on dwelling unit outdoor outlets. If your house or business does not have GFCI outlets yet, it is critical that you hire a team of experienced electricians to help you with this.

At Got Electric LLC our certified and experienced team will help you install GFCI outlets in any area exposed to water, such as the kitchen, restrooms, outdoors, and any other area you might need. We will make sure everything is installed in time and will make your safety a priority.

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At Got Electric LLC we guarantee fast and efficient results. Call our team of trusted electricians today to know more about our electrical and generator installation services.

If you’re looking for a portable or whole-home generator system in Maryland, the DC Metro Area, and Virginia, then you need to hire our team of experienced electricians.

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