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Among our complete array of electrical services, we offer a wide range of commercial electrical applications and solutions.

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Troubleshooting for these problems:

Loss of Power

Loss of power at any business disrupts its operation and causes loss of revenue. Though a backup generator covers the basics of lighting and air conditioning, often networking equipment is too power intensive and complicated. Got Electric’s troubleshooting efforts include isolating the wiring that caused the power loss.

Circuit Breakers Tripping

An overloaded electrical system or a short circuit may cause tripped breakers. When this issue persists, it is critical to have a professional from Got Electric inspect the wiring and resolve the issue, as overloaded circuits can become a fire hazard.

Dead Outlets

A non-working out is often a result of a tripped circuit breaker or faulty wiring. Rather than continuously resetting a breaker or replacing a fuse, contact Got Electric to have a trained electrician inspect and resolve the issue to avoid the risk of an electric shock.

Lights That Flicker or Dim

Poor or loosened electrical connections are a common reason lights may flicker. Because replacing bulbs will not solve the problem if the sockets or wiring are faulty, choose a professional electrician from Got Electric to make this important repair.

Sparking Electrical Outlets

Routine inspections performed by Got Electric include testing outlets for sparks and checking for warm switches and fixtures. These safety concerns need immediate attention. Continued use of these outlets causes the connected wires to melt and affect nearby outlets.

Security Cameras

Keeping a watchful eye on essential facilities and assets enables you to identify problems and resolve them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Got Electric LLC provides installation security cameras for utility companies and residential that offer a clear solution.

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